About the Team

Ben + Christi + Sara + Ryan = Team India!

Last summer (2007), Christiana, Sara, Ryan, and Ben embarked on a journey to Kenya with 14 other teammates on the Real Life trip with Adventures in Missions, and I think we can each agree that above all things, that trip shaped us into who we are today. Now we are just a group of 4 on a mission to India. Here’s the team:

Christiana: I was 17 when I realized my mission of the Great Commission on a mission to Mexico. Now I am a 21 year old Senior graduating in December from the University of Colorado’s school of Architecture and Planning. I am so passionate about God’s heart for justice, and India is such an oppressed place that holds a special place in His heart. God has given me a servant’s heart and has been preparing me to have His heart of compassion through missions to Jamaica, New York City, Mexico, and Kenya. This summer is going to change all of us like last summer in Kenya did when I saw God move in ways that I had never even thought possible. I know the Holy Spirit has prepared a way for me this summer and the rest of my life to go and bind up the broken hearted, and free the captives (Isaiah 61). I am the youngest of 5; born and raised in Albuquerque, NM; and I am so blessed by the people that have supported me in a life of missions, whatever that may look like. May God bless you this summer!

Sara: well… i am a 22 year old (blah) almost graduate of auburn university in auburn, alabama. my major is human development and family studies and my future is also uncertain. haha. i remember sitting in church when i was in the 7th grade listening to a speaker talk about how you could never be too young to be called to missions. he showed us a video about the impoverished and broken people of africa, and i knew in that moment that someday the Lord would send me there. my experience in kenya last summer, absolutely transformed me. Jesus showed up in power and in a way that i had never experienced before. for the first time i tangibly saw the fullness of God and it broke me while at the same time leaving me hungry and begging for more. the Lord is good beyond measure. i am so honored to be sharing this experience with 3 of the most incredible people i know. truly they are amazing. the Lord has been knitting us together, making us like minded in spirit and purpose, and formidable to the enemy. these people are warriors, and i am blessed to fight alongside them. all my love to all of you!

Ryan: I am 20 years old, currently a astrophysics major at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and like the rest of the team, 100% unsure about my future. My mother accepted Christ while I was very young but the entire household was soon to follow in making decisions for Christ. I have always described my life as a life of blessings. Wonderful supporting family, wonderful education, wonderful pastors at my church. Pastors so great that during highschool I started making my faith my own, I started making conscious decisions to serve my master, decisions which quickly invaded every aspect of my life-what a blessing. Every summer for the past 6 years I have been to various parts of the world spreading the gospel, from Mexico, to Costa Rica, to China and finally to Kenya. Kenya messed me up for Jesus big time. This last year Christ didn’t just occupy my bigger decisions or convict my of my sin but sent me out. He sent us out into boulder to minister to the lost there, he showed Ben, Christy and I how wherever we find ourselves-that is our mission field. This last semester of attempting to start the motor of revival has been the best time of my life and I cannot wait to return to it in the fall. As for India I am uber-excited, these three people I am going with are family, a support system and I trust each and every one of them with my very life, they are the closest things to Christ I have, other than the real thing. I am humbled to be working along side of such a great group stepping out in faith together.

Ben: I am 20 years old, currently (but almost definitely not permanently) a math major at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and 100% unsure about my future :). I’m proud to be a Colorado native, I like the mountains, playing music, travelli…wait a minute..enough of the surface, let’s get onto the important stuff – why I’m here: Last summer I traveled to Kenya for 2 months, and it turned my world and my faith upside down. It was the week of training camp in Gainesville, Georgia before the trip that I discovered my call to missions. I found the God who is the same today as He was thousands of years ago – the God who still moves in power, the God who still heals, and the God who still speaks to His people. Up until that point, my faith was about me. It was about emotion. It was about a feeling and a hope. Dare I say I was even a Christian? But I experienced a transformation, a true “born again” experience, and now, my faith is about God. It is about something real. It is about sacrificing everything I have for the God to whom it belongs. I have dwelt among the poorest of the poor and found that that was my home, and now I am going back. I am more than excited to be accompanied by these 3 other wonderful people, who are some of the closest friends I have, and I put all of my trust in this brother and these sisters. I believe that we are ordained by the Most High God to fulfill His purpose around the world. We believe in unity, and we believe in community. Among this team, we claim nothing as our own, for we are one body. I believe that there is more in store for the Kingdom of God to be manifested through us this summer than we can fathom. May the name of Jesus be glorified in every aspect of my life, the life that is no longer mine to live, but His to use…I can’t wait to keep all you guys updated this summer, so stick around!


2 Responses to “About the Team”

  1. May Father God bless and keep you 4 as you tramp for Him. Our prayers and hearts are with you. We eagerly await updates and specific prayer requests, as well as glorious reports of answered prayer.
    To God be the glory!
    Jerry Brush

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