A Day in Delhi

We have arrived in New Delhi after a long 25 hour train ride which we discovered that some Indian men have some extreme snoring issues.  Anyways we were so pumped to find out that the spiritual climate here is not as oppressive as calcutta its great.  we woke up without doubts and fears being thrown at us from the start and throughout the day there was an amazing peace that led to an extreme joy.  Anyways we will be going to japur for a couple of days of ministry and then over to agra to see the taj mahal and then back up to delhi for some orphanage and leper colony work.  Then we will meet with a few contacts we have made during our stay in Calcutta and check out their ministry and outreach to the people of this country.  sorry but I only have a little time for an update right now so excuse my brevity. we love you guys lots and keep them prayers comin’!


~ by Ryan on July 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “A Day in Delhi”

  1. prayers ARE coming. being sent daily across the seas 🙂
    love you guys.

  2. It’s awesome to read about your journey and the blessing of findin less spiritual oppression in New Dehli … I’m excited for the life and lives in each place you’ve been and hearing how you process the similarities and differences with the help of Holy Spirit. Our love for you expands as we celebrate the expanse of your lives in Him. Joyously, Momma F

  3. I pray that you stay healthy and safe during your last weeks in India. May God Himself reveal to you wonders you can hardly express! May He use you to grow His Kingdom, His way, in His time,

  4. The Lord is working. Be safe and rest in the fact that you’re lifted up in prayer. See you so soon!

  5. Praying for your health and safety. And for all the lives you touch. So proud of you all.
    Henry, Susan, Caitlin and Bridget McCann
    (from the hood)


  7. to Ben & Ryan…wandering if you guys would be interested in hosting and leading the freshmen guys life group this fall on Monday nights. Mark Gingrich and Billy Mannsz would be assisting you if you do. I know Chelsea talked to Christy about helping Mel with the freshman girls, but I wanted to officially ask you guys. pray about it and let me know what you think. Love you four and we’re praying for ya.

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