Christmas In July

Man oh man. So good to be back you guys. We’ve missed you all so much. And it’s been far too long. Our apologies. Not quite sure where to start. Howzabout with an explanation for the title of this post…

So I asked my mother about 2 weeks ago to send us a care package with a bunch of goodies that you just can’t find here in good ol’ India. And she did. So day after day, night after night, we went to the office to see if our package had arrived. Nothin. We’d almost given up hope. But lo and behold, today the postman showed up and took Ryan to the post office to pick up our long-awaited parcel. So here’s to you, mom and dad. Never in my life have fruit snacks and peanut butter (and a sorely needed tooth brush) been such a blessing. Opening the box was truly like Christmas. In July. So there you have it. We are as happy as can be. And for all the people who have sent or are planning on sending something our way, thank you thank you thank you. And if anyone else is in the mood, let us know and we’ll give you the address 🙂

So I was on the train earlier today, and as usual, was surrounded by hoards of sweaty men with no room to move. One guy was gettin all-up-ons me, but I just tried to ignore it. After I got off the train, I reached into my pocket, and our phone was flat out gone. I got sucka’d. I commend whichever man it was that managed to pull a cell phone out of my jeans without catching my attention. That takes mad skill. But all is not lost (well, figuratively speaking). We’re gonna have some mad prayer session to get this phone back. God wants to partake in even the smallest aspects of our lives, so we’re gonna see what happens. And if you’re feeling a bit wild and adventurous in your prayer life as well, we’d love for you to pray for this. I mean, it’d be a pretty killer testimony. Anyways, for now, don’t try to call us. If you do, you’d better have a Bengali dictionary handy and a great Indian accent. This guy’s a pro.

So we’re pretty much done working with OM in the schools and what not, and are transitioning into two and a half more weeks of working with the Mother Teresa homes for the dying, destitute, handicapped, etc. Ryan and I spent Tuesday working at the Nabo Jibon home, which is for young teenage boys who are mentally and physically disabled, along with some older men. What do you do there, you ask? Love people. That’s all you can do. Love them and pray for them. They don’t really speak, so the time there consists mostly of muscle massages, helping out at meals, having kids lead you around the campus or hang from your every part of your body, and pretending to understand an old man’s life story after humbly giving him a thorough butt-massage (that’s Jesus foo). So, that covers the love part. The second part is prayer. And this is why: I see the beauty and charity in what these homes do and the wonderful love that people must have to be a part of it, but I can’t find it within me to believe that Jesus would ever create a home for dying people to come to…and die. I don’t want to go back and visit the children I did only to find the body sores as rampant as they were last time. I want to see the lame walking, not taking medication. Jesus came to bring life-life to the fullest. I want to see Him glorified through their restoration. For us to say that that is beyond us (rather, beyond Him) is blasphemous. Please pray that the Lord will give us the boldness of faith to bring healing to the sick and dying. I know I don’t have it yet. Watching the drool run down someone’s face as they scream and squirm inside their prison of a body makes it seem hopeless, but it is the very nature of our Savior to do more than feel emotion for them. Whenever we read that Jesus had compassion, he was moved to operate in the supernatural. He not only came down to their level, but brought them up to a new one. As Bill Johnson has said, “In the Old Testament, touch the leper, and you become unclean. In the New Testament, touch the leper, and he becomes clean.” I can’t help but think that Jesus is disappointed when we have the opportunity to bring deliverance and shy away from it. In no way do I mean to speak less of the work these homes do. And I don’t mean to offend. In one sense though, perhaps I do. Maybe it’s time for us to expect more. Maybe it’s time to unleash God’s will “on earth as it is in heaven”. So please, please pray. Pray with boldness. Approach the throne with confidence. We need your prayers to make our own effective. We’re a team here!

Also, we’re officially leaving Calcutta on July 27th to work with our friends from AIM in New Delhi for 10-14 days. We’ll be working with an orphanage run by the organization “61” and a leper colony near by. We can’t wait! Well I think this post will suffice for now, and again, we miss you all so much, and appreciate your prayers more than you could imagine. ‘Til next time…


~ by Ben on July 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Christmas In July”

  1. Hi Christy I am happy that your trip is going well. I think of you often and try to picture having you back in Boulder. I pray for you and the team and know that God is watching over you each minute. It’s wonderful that our faith keeps us together. All the glory goes to Jesus. He is wonderful and I am encouraged that you are His.

  2. Precious saints and servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying blessings and peace upon each of you! As you all minister in India under His name and authority, it not hard to envision Jesus saying “I see Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” It must be so exciting to be there in the midst of the battle as it is exciting enough to be involved from here. We so miss you and look forward to having you back in the Lord’s timing. God Bless each one of you in the special way that He know you need! The soil is being tilled for fuitfulness. We love you!

  3. I can’t wait until the other boxes arrive, too! It’s pretty cool to be able to send a gift in the spirit to your hearts and bodies. mucho luv-o, momma f

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